Learning Finnish (Suomi)

Minna Sundberg

Minna Sundberg

Despite the fact that most people in Helsinki speak English (and other languages), there are many good reasons to study Finnish. It will help build relationships with Finnish people as well as make many daily activities, such as shopping and reading menus, easier. You will also find that most official correspondence and signage is only printed in Finnish and Swedish.

Don’t be put off by people telling you how difficult it is. Even knowing  a few words is invaluable in certain situations. If you have never studied a language before you may benefit from doing a pre-study course on how to learn a second language.

Just as there are many reasons to learn Finnish there are also many ways to approach your study. Some people will choose to attend class once a week, while others will prefer a more intensive approach where they attend class a few hours everyday. Similarily, some classes are taught mainly in English (or another language), while some are taught only in Finnish from day one.

Whatever you decide remember it is always okay to change your approach later and to seek help with enrolment. If you are linked with the TE-Office you may also find the fees for some classes are subsidised.

Useful links:

Finnish Courses – a great place to start in your search for the right course for you

Ilmonet – Adult Education Centres

Finnish for Foreigners – Helsinki University’s Language Centre


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