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How to get around Helsinki and beyond, including personal and public transport

Cycling in Helsinki



Helsinki is a great city to cycle in as it is very flat and there are well maintained and clearly marked cycle paths.

You can plan your route and have the cycle paths mapped out for you at: Reittiopas

Bikes can be taken on the Metro and commuter trains, provided there is space. Bikes are not allowed on the commuter train during peak travel times.  Bikes on Public Transport 

The City of Helsinki has a cycle service centre at Narinkka Square (Narinkatori) in Kamppi. The Bicycle Centre ( Pyöräkeskus ) offers emergency repairs, bike parking and a free pumping station. Visit the Bicycle Centre for more details.


Public Transport

(c) Jussi Hellsten / Visit Helsinki

(c) Jussi Hellsten / Visit Helsinki

Helsinki has a very efficient public transport system. It consist of trams, trains, buses, ferries and the metro (underground subway system).

Access to Helsinki’s metro and trams is trust-based –  it is up to you to pay for your ticket before you use them. Random inspections are done and if you are found without the correct ticket you may face a large fine.

Currently, children under the age of 7 travel for free. So do adults who are travelling with a child in a stroller.

For more information on tickets, prices, timetables and rules visit