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Dental Care


Public dental care is provided by your municipality of residence. 

The Helsinki dental care appointments telephone number is (09) 310 51400. You can call the number Mon–Fri 8am–3pm. If you need emergency care, phone early in the morning. If you want to make an appointment for non-emergency care, call the number after 10am.

For non-urgent dental care you may have to wait a few weeks for an appointment. The cost for services is very low however compared to the private sector.

Private dental care

There are plenty of private dental clinics in Helsinki. You can visit a private dentist even if you are not entitled to public health care services. Private dental care is more expensive than the public. Some people may be eligible for a partial refund from Kela for certain dental care services. 


Public dental care is free for children up to the age of 18. A letter will be sent to their home inviting them to attend regular check-ups.

Useful links

Emergency Dental Care – Phone (09) 310 51400 between 8am – 2pm.

Outside these hours, on weekends and holidays phone: (09) 310 49999.

Kela – info on reimbursements

More information on dental care in Finland

Good to know

The Finnish word for dentist is hammaslääkäri (hammas – tooth, lääkaäri – doctor).