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Finnish apartments

Most people in Helsinki live in an apartment. For a duplex house with it’s own yard, you will need to consider moving a little further out to areas like Espoo or Vantaa.

Most apartments come with a stove and fridge freezer.

Some may include a washing machine (often in the bathroom) or a room downstairs with communal machines you can pay to use.

Dryers are less common as most people dry their washing by hanging it on a rack inside. Good heating means clothes hung out at night are often dry by the morning. For sheets and towels, most apartment buildings have a communal drying room downstairs.


Most apartments have built-in wardrobes, including an area in the entrance-way to hang winter coats.

Wooden floors are more common than carpet and it is normal to remove shoes upon entry.


Radiator heaters are built in to most rooms and the heating is turned on by the building manager as the weather grows colder. You can adjust the level of the heaters in your own home.

Many apartments come with personal storage areas downstairs, which are useful for storing winter sports equipment. There may also be a communal room for storing bicycles and skis.

Mail is delivered directly to your home, through a slot in the front door.

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